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Contract Pewter Casting

Toadland Inc. has been doing business in Albuquerque, NM USA since 1995. We offer the very best in contract pewter casting and mold making.

Let us turn your gold, silver or bronze line into beautiful high-quality pewter items. We can also produce pewter pieces for you simply from black and white artwork, or even your ideas. If you have your own pewter molds, we can work from those as well.

You can order your pieces unfinished, or we can finish to your specifications. We offer an antiqued satin finish , tumble polished, or gold and silver electro-plate.

Our pewter molds are high quality, long lasting black vulcanized rubber. Wax injection/RTV molds are also available.
Prices will vary depending on size, weight, quantity and finish. Please call Darren toll free at 1-800-880-9247, or e-mail us for more details and pricing information for your project.

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